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Phone:  815-772-8411

Email:  staff@morrisoncomputerllc.com

Facebook (messenger) facebook.com/morrisoncomputer

We accept cash, credit cards, and local checks.

We are located at 223 East Main Street, Morrison, IL.  Across the street from Community State Bank.

Our fees are based on the task(s) performed.  Most services have a flat rate assigned; however, the hourly rate applies in some cases.  Call us to discuss your needs and we can give you an estimate.

Every situation is different.  Most tasks are done in 3-5 business days; however, it can take longer.  We strive to complete the work as soon as possible.  Many factors affect the timing:  computer speed, tasks being performed, parts required, and condition of the hardware.

In some cases, yes, we can-do on-site service calls.  The billing starts when we leave for your location and ends when we arrive back at our shop.  We charge a minimum of 1 hour, with additional time billed in 15-minute increments

We can assist with some software issues with phones and tablets, but we are not currently repairing hardware such as screens and power jacks.  We can provide a referral upon request.

We can do one-on-one teaching sessions on select subjects. Hourly rates apply.

No, we do not buy used equipment.

Some items such as used but functional monitors can be donated to Morrison Institute of Technology. 

Otherwise:  Whiteside County now has a shed for dropping off electronics for recycling. The shed is located behind the Whiteside County Highway Department Office located at 18819 Lincoln Road (U.S. 30), Morrison, IL. The shed is a tan-colored cargo container that has been modified to allow items to be left inside through a sliding access window located on the east side of the shed. A concrete ramp has been constructed to provide access to the window. The shed is accessible 24/7. Please open the access door and leave items inside on the table and close and latch the window when finished. If there are bigger items that won’t fit or you need assistance in unloading items, please call ahead during the regular office hours of 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m. M-F. The unit is located near the highway maintenance shop and a common fueling station for County vehicles that operates 24/7 so please be aware of vehicles going to and from the shed. Shown below is a list of items that may be dropped off. If you have any questions, you may call 815-772-7651 during regular office hours.

Morrison Computer Repair can provide a quote for ordering a computer.  Otherwise, we suggest buying directly from manufacturers such as HP, Dell, Acer and others.  While you can purchase off the shelf at a big box store such as Best Buy or Walmart, the quality of the computers is not the same.  You get what you pay for.

We can move your documents, pictures, music, and other raw files from one computer to another. Programs/applications and specific settings such as printer customizations cannot be moved.  You will need to find your original discs or download and your licensing information to re-install.  We will not install software without proof of license.

In many cases we can pull raw files off an old computer’s hard drive.  If the hard drive is damaged the files may be damaged or corrupted.  In some cases, the hard drive is too damaged to recover from.

We can clean the fans and internal workings to help with air flow.

We can replace the laptop screens and some power jacks.    Power jack replacement is dependent on the style of power jack.  These services require disassembly to ensure that the correct part is ordered.

Our current options in Morrison are:  MediaCom Cable, Frontier DSL, and fiber optic service from Surf Broadband.  Some business services are provided by Stratus Networks.  Other options are available in various areas.

Not all services are available in all areas.  First you need to determine what is available at your address. 

How do we rate them?  These are our personal opinions and your experience with these providers may vary.  We do not endorse any of these specific services or providers.  If you would like to discuss our experiences, please feel free to call.

  1. Stratus Networks, fiber optic. We have this service at both our home and business locations. 

Surf Broadband:  we have no direct experience with this company; however, fiber optic services are typically faster and more reliable.

  1. MediaCom We had this service for years. We changed to fiber for more stability and features for our business applications.  Our customers have provided mixed reviews of residential services.
  2. Frontier DSL. We had this service at our business office.  Our experience was less than positive.  Residential customers have provided us with mixed reviews.  Many times, the service varies based on your location.

We have limited services available for Apple/Mac products.  Please call to discuss your problem.